Julie Zuckerberg Excels as a Recruiter

Recruiting is an area that Julie Zuckerberg knows very well. She has worked in various positions as a recruiter, and she has become quite experienced in helping companies build better teams with skilled professional. Much of this has to do with her ability to sort out talent from an assortment of different backgrounds.


What Julie Zuckerberg has specialized in is life cycle executive level recruiting. She has had the pleasure of connecting lots of qualified lawyers, paralegals, managing directors and compliance officers. She has been able to buildup on her strategy as she transitioned from one bank to another. This is what has given her the confidence to move up into positions like Vice President of Executive Recruiting at Citicard.


Julie Zuckerberg has been successful in the recruiting arena primarily because she has been able to utilize a plethora of different methods to connect with all the various professionals that she recruits. Her use of social media has allowed her to build a solid line of recruits, but she has also done a lot of networking in person. What she has done that separates her from the rest is consult with hiring directors and actually develop a talent recruitment strategy.


The role of a recruiter can be very interesting if they know what they are looking for. Julie Zuckerberg has proven, on multiple occasions, that she is the go-to person when it comes to executive life cycle recruiting. Her time at Citibank has been her lengthiest position. This is where she has developed the core of her experience at a talent recruiter. She also spent a considerable amount of time at Hudson. This is where she started as the director of candidate placement.


Julie Zuckerberg has had a great career as a recruiter, and she has managed to take a lot of people to a better place in their career. In some of her career moves Julie has worked as a vice president. She has risen to the senior level in her career, and she continues to make power moves in the field of recruiting. Her current position as an executive talent acquisition lead for Deutsche Bank is giving her the chance to provide coaching to an entire team of recruiters.