Attorney Karl Heideck Is Fighting For Minorities In Philadelphia

With the help of Attorney Karl Heideck, the city of Philadelphia has filed a lawsuit against Wells Fargo Bank, which has its main headquarters in California. This lawsuit is in regards to the way Wells Fargo Bank has treated Hispanics and African Americans in the Philadelphia area. After hearing rumors of several complaints, Attorney Karl Heideck did a minor investigation into the operation of Wells Fargo Bank.

Attorney Karl Heideck was surprised to find several swindling techniques being used by the Wells Fargo Bank. The first swindling technique being used by this bank was causing Hispanics and African Americans to get into deals they did not understand. Due to most poor income residents having low credit scores, Wells Fargo Bank took advantage of this by giving loans out with higher than usual interest rates. Most of these people needed the money so badly they did not care about the interest rate. It wasn’t until these people realized they were getting a $2,000 loan but paying back $10,000 that they understood they were being scammed. Attorney Karl Heideck is confident that the city of Philadelphia will win this case and borrowers will not have to pay any money back.


Attorney Karl Heideck went to Beasley Law School, which is a branch of Temple University in Philadelphia. After graduating at the top of his class and also having a few business degrees under his belt, Attorney Karl Heideck wanted to go after businesses practicing unfairly in the United States, especially in urban communities. Attorney Karl Heideck is responsible for making more than 30 businesses change the way they manage their rules regarding Hispanics, African Americans, and all other people. Attorney Karl Heideck is expected to address the public at least several times regarding the Wells Fargo Bank over the next few weeks.

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