Private-Public Partnerships Praised By Felipe Montoro Jens

The election victory of Rio de Janeiro Mayor Marcelo Crivella to public office has given parents the chance to enjoy their future as the newly-elected Mayor made a series of promises to update the childcare services on offer to the people of the city. The perception of public programs is that they often struggle to raise the funds needed to be cm=completed on time and to the highest possible specifications; infrastructure investment specialist, Felipe Montoro Jens believes the decision of Mayor Crivella to seek private-public partnerships for his planned childcare improvements will pay off in the long term.

Private-public partnerships have become more popular than ever in nations across the planet as Felipe Montoro Jens points out, the level of research and development completed by private companies far outweighs that completed by local government agencies. Mayor Crivella has already looked to begin the process of building relationships with private companies for his project planned to be completed by 2020 through a partnership with the International Finance Corporation which will provide consulting services for the project. Felipe Montoro Jens believes the development of the 60,000 preschool places will be eased with the use of the skills of the subsidiary of the World Bank Group, which has a vast amount of experience in building strong private-public partnerships.

Mayor Crivella is aiming to build a number of Infant Education Units to allow 60,000 children to attend kindergarten and preschool classes across different areas of Rio de Janeiro. Felipe Montoro Jens also praised the decision of the Mayor to follow the model created by the mining city of Bolo Horizonte in developing its own private-public partnerships to develop new preschool facilities. The International Finance Corporation has already begun working with Rio’s City Hall on a project to complete an upgrade to the lighting system used in the Brazilian capital.

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