The George Soros Mission Is To Build Vibrant And Tolerant Societies And Governments

The name George Soros is synonymous with great wealth. But the Soros name is also synonymous with great giving. George has given more than $12 billion to organizations around the world that promote the open society concept. The open society concept is the concept Karl Popper, the Austrian-British professor, and philosopher wrote about in 1937. Soros studied Popper’s work while he attended the London School of Economics in the 1940s. Soros realized that every person on the planet is entitled to live freely and be part of a Democratic government. George founded his Open Society Foundation in 1979, and the foundation has made an enormous impact around the world. Today, the Open Society Foundation under the guidance of the president of the organization, Christopher Stone, and founder, George Soros are making progress in the battle to bring freedom to countries that have no freedom. Know more on Investopedia about George Soros.

But George Soros is not in the news for his philanthropic work. He is under attack by conservative groups because he is a major Democratic donor. George Soros donated more than $12 million to Democratic candidates during the 2016 election. Soros and Hillary Clinton are close friends, and George supported her during her campaign. Even though he donated more than $4 million to the PACs that supported Clinton, it wasn’t enough to send her to Washington. But Soros hasn’t given up the fight. He is supporting several organizations that keep Trump under a political microscope. George invested money in one of Trump’s hotels a few years ago, but he doesn’t agree with Trump’s political agenda or the way Trump handles social issues.

Soros is one of the most successful investors in the financial industry, but he is also an economic advisor. George attends the Davos Economic Summit every year, and his opinion is highly regarded by the economic experts at that meeting. Soros thinks the global economy is in trouble, and he also thinks China will be the catalyst for the next global recession. There are signs China will use capital reserves to bail out Chinese banks, and Soros is betting that will happen. If the Chinese use capital reserves, Soros will make another fortune similar to the fortune he made when England devalue the pound sterling in the 1990s. Visit to know more about George.

But George Soros does not fret over his next million or billion. The Soros focus is on making the world a better place. He wants to spread Democracy and freedom to countries that live under ruthless government control. He is not afraid to stand up for the poor. He wants to help them live the way all people in a free world should live. The Soros epitaph is still being written, and it is an inspiring story.

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Warren Buffett, Rebuffed by Capital Group Chairman

World class financial expert and massively successful investor, Warren Buffett recently gambled one million dollars for charity on a S & P 500 passive index fund.

Given Mr. Buffett’s extremely high profile within the world of investment finance very few individuals have the confidence or experience to critique the second richest man in America. But there is one man who does not exactly see eye to eye with Mr. Warren Buffett on his latest enterprise, a one Timothy Armour.

Timothy Armour is very well known for his work with the financial services company, Capital Group, specifically for heading up their research and management divisions as both Chairman (a position he was promoted to in 2015) and Chief Executive Officer. But Mr. Armour’s experience within the industry runs much deeper, for he has a long list of successful financial ventures associated with a bevy of well known companies such as The New Economy Fund and the AMCAP Fund.


Given this extensive financial and investment experience, Mr. Armour is well positioned to rebuff Mr. Warren. Armour’s issue is specifically with Warren’s intense focus and promotion of passive index funds. The Capital Group CEO takes special pains to state, in a recent article, that there is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with passive index funds themselves, but there is a big problem with placing all of your faith in them – putting all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak. The main reason for this, Armour clarifies, has nothing to do with the tired talking points about “active versus passive” discrepancies but rather has everything to do with market volatility. One thing most people, even many seasoned investors, do not know is that passive index funds (or PIF’s if you will) offer ZERO protection from markets in downturn. And one thing that is as sure as death and taxes is that bull markets will always, always turn, sooner or later.

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