Cone Marshall Emerges As a Trusted Leader in Tax and Estate

Originally formed in Auckland in 1999, Cone Marshall is the result of the pairing of respected lawyers Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall. The latter cut her teeth in commercial litigation in London for a decade before joining forces with Cone.

Now, the firm manages a number of trusts on a global scale, particularly in dealing with the country of New Zealand. Cone Marshall advises many internationals over the nation’s trust laws as well as its business practices while also extending aid in tax planning and wealth creation.

While the firm has its share of personal clients, Cone is also highly proficient in corporate law. Cone himself gained fame as a tax lawyer who has helped disprove the belief that the country of New Zealand is actually a secret tax haven.

Instead, the country of just under five million residents has a number of laws ensuring transparency in regards to exchange of financial statements. That runs counter of a tax haven is in that such places have a lack of transparency and no taxes involved. Such havens intentionally create a financial climate where money can disappear from the view foreign tax offices. New Zealand has never officially been known for such a climate.

Cone instead argues that the country of New Zealand draws a lot of action and interest over trusts because of its stability and transparency when it comes to trust laws. Other countries know that New Zealand is reliable and safe enough in dealing with international trusts. Evidence bears that out. As a result, the nation is seeing an increase in trust creation because of a more positive reputation.

Cone Marshall stands among the most trusted among the nation’s international trust law firms who have provided a decade’s worth of experience in creating and establishing trusts for clients all over the world.

The offices of Cone Marshall can be found in Auckland, on Stanley Street only a few miles from the University of Auckland.


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