Vijay Eswaran’s Insights on Why Businesses Require Professionals with the Right Mindset and Attitude

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian executive also known for founding QI Group of Companies. He serves as the board chairperson of QI Group, an institution that invests in sectors such as direct selling, financial services, retail, and hospitality. His chairman role allows him to strategize on how the group can maintain its presence in diverse sectors. He also offers leadership advice to members of QI Group’s leadership team.

The Success of QNET

One of the most successful subsidiaries of QI Group is QNET. Eswaran officially launched this subsidiary in 1998 with an objective of serving clients using an e-commerce model. Eswaran also established QNET as a company that would foster direct sales through Internet marketing. He envisioned that the company would implement the direct selling business models adopted by QI Group. Through the e-commerce platform, QNET managed to garner an extensive pool of loyal clients

Professional Journey

Throughout his entrepreneurship journey, Vijay Eswaran learned a lot. He used to monitor how sectors such as direct selling and financial services performed as he was starting out. During that time, Asia as a continent was undergoing a huge economic crisis. No one believed that Eswaran would succeed if he invested in any sector at that time. He first ventured into the direct selling business though people perceived that this sector had many challenges.

Eswaran believes that challenges in businesses encourage entrepreneurs to press on. He also believes that success in companies can be attributed to the executive and professional teams. When he develops a business plan, he usually focuses on identifying talented individuals to implement his ideas. Furthermore, when Eswaran hires professionals to work for his company, he focuses on traits such as determination, sincerity, and trust. He believes that businesses can be structured based on the competency levels of their professional teams. According to him, a company that lacks the right people can never succeed. The success of QI Group lies on Eswaran’s efforts to find professionals with the right mindset and attitude. These professionals are trained as soon as they are hired for them to be fit for the jobs they are scheduled to undertake.