Flavio Maluf: Eucatex Group Focuses on Producing Eco-friendly Products

Flavio Maluf is the current president of Eucatex Group of companies. Eucatex is a family business that was founded by his grandfather in 1951. Eucatex is one of the largest family-owned business in Brazil. Flavio Maluf seemed to be the perfect person to manage the multi-million company having trained as a lawyer and Engineer both in Brazil and abroad. He pursued a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of FAAP in Sao Paulo. He has also studied law and business management at the US-based New York University.

Eucatex Company was incorporated in 1951 in Brazil to tackle the problem of climatic changes.  Since then, the company has developed a diversified portfolio by introducing its services in the furniture industry. All entities, which have had an opportunity to partner with the enterprise, can attest to the gained benefit.

The Education program Environment in the company has the public empowered concerning the need to conserve and protect forests. Flavio Maluf continues to be the only leader advocating for this factor. In Salto City, he led the company into acquiring a large piece of land to develop a new factory in the area. In 2014, the company recorded a net profit of over R $10.7 million.

In 2014, Eucatex Group’s market products had expanded by 40 percent. This has made the company to be one of the highest global competitors in the furniture production industry. While Flavio Maluf continues to be the leader of the company, the company’s future is brilliant. Flavio is also a philanthropist, besides handling business, who regularly takes part in child events in the country. He has assisted numerous Brazilians to acquire high-end health services through his charitable giving.

According to reliable sources, began his journey in the trade section of the company in 1987. In 1996, he moved to the factory section to work as an administrator. For this reason, he earned himself fame and appointed as a board member.