Wengie Opens Your World To New Life Hacks

We all love them. We all wonder hoe we possibly survived before having heard about them and each of us has our own favorite one we swear by, despite what our friends or media says about its own effectiveness.


No, I’m not talking about having a favorite boy band member, everyone knows that classic AJ is the best. I’m talking about the little hacks we all learn that make our lives easier while freeing up our time to pursue more valuable tasks.


So in honor of those sacred life hacks and the happiness they bring, this week we are spotlighting one of the queens of all things life and all things hacked, Wengie.


Some of you may know her as the Youtube star with the amazing hair who has made getting ready and looking your best each morning not only easier but a little more fun. For those of you who have not caught the Wengie Wave, Wengie brings her viewers life hacks that often leave you wondering how you were able to survive for so long without knowing this.


Sending Wengie a S.O.S. (Save Our Slippers)


So if you are a fan of slippers then you know the two greatest enemies of all those that love comfort, broken slipper thongs and falling flat on your face from a lack of grip, slippers are built for the better things in life and gripping onto wet surfaces is a bit beneath slippers.


Wengie comes to rescue to save our slippers, flip-flops for those of you who prefer that name, with this life hack. Simply apply a design under you slipper with hot glue. Once the design has dried and is no longer a risk to permanently mounting your slippers walk confidently. To see more of Wengie, visit her Youtube channel.