Don’t Depend On Your Friend’s Magnises Membership Because You’ll Want Your Own

With the presence of super rich young people like Justin Bieber, Adelle, Beyoncé, and Lady Gaga, many may start to feel that millennials are all super rich or at least have enough money to do whatever they want, but that’s just not true. Many young people may still live at home and work when they can and may even go to college. Since it can be difficult for some young people to go out and have fun, the Magnises card membership can be a perfect addition to their lifestyle to help them get the discounts that they may really need, whether it’s for themselves or for a group of friends.

Although the Magnises membership is catered to a single person, at certain events, it’s possible that an entire group may benefit from the membership that one person has. There are always events that take place that are for Magnises members only, so only those with a membership can attend. Magnises members are also invited to go on some exclusive vacations, which are always a lot of fun.

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Whether a person is only looking for fun or for a way to better their work experience, they can still benefit from a Magnises membership, especially if they get the WorkPass. Some who may even live in New Jersey or bordering cities next to New York City will enjoy using the WorkPass from Magnises because it allows them access to a co-working space at Alley for a mere $500 per month. The work pass only costs $99 per month, and its benefits are worth more than its cost. Even people who have a thing for staying in luxury hotels can save money when they do so using the Magnises card.

As long as the Magnises member has a HotelPass, they can easily start saving money on their hotel stays, especially at certain hotels in New York City. When there are VIP benefits for Magnises members, they can benefit big, and it’s even possible for them to bring a group of people to an event or club by just using their Magnises card. Also, a concierge that is an application for a smartphone is available only to Magnises members, and the app can even get to know the user on a first name basis.

Make all kinds of reservations, find event, and even find information about great coffee shops in town by using the concierge, which comes in handy for anyone who lives in New York City or other major cities. Even getting major concert tickets and tickets to a Broadway show is available to Magnises members, so why wait and only watch others with the same membership get all the benefits? Becoming a Magnises member is very easy because only a one-time annual fee is required to start membership.

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