Greg Secker-The Master Trader.

Born on 18 February 1975, Greg Secker has a lot to his name. He is a successful businessman, philanthropist, and a speaker. His businesses deal with education, coaching and offering strategy. Secker is also involved in charity work. Through the Greg Secker foundation, he has been able to improve the quality of lives of people globally positively. The efforts Secker puts in his non-profit organization and business show his passion and commitment in supporting lives all over the world.

Lessons from Greg Secker

Secker’s ideas come partly out of identifying and seizing opportunities and slightly out of boredom. He spends most of his time at home working. Secker embraces technology, he does a majority of his board and meetings at home and travels when going for motivational talks. He believes in constant improvement, making things better than they are. The dissemination of power from the primary sources of TV and video broadcasters to the palms of the masses excites Secker. As an entrepreneur, he values taking time to think, that makes him more productive. He takes time to research any country before investing into it. At the moment Secker feels that someone should develop an app that learns the behavior of its user, it could then suggest what to engage in when free.

Greg Secker’s professional life

Secker started his career at as a young man. He began at Thomas Cook Financial services and then moved to start his own company. Secker formed a real-time online foreign exchange business, Virtual Trading Desk. With success, Secker moved further to be the vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation. At Mellon Financial Corporation, he worked with the best traders in the world. It was then that he learned strategies on international trading. Being an entrepreneur, Secker decided to set up a trading floor from his home. In three months his company Learn to Trade was formed. Since its inception, the company has seen much success and has offices spread all over the world. Recently, Greg Secker launched SmartCharts, Capital Index, and FX capital.SmartCharts was created by Secker to simplify the trading process. Capital Index is a company that gives quick trade on forex, CFD, Futures, and Indices. FX capital is a client service that offers professionally managed account service.