Can Lime Crime Make it In China’s Competitive Market

When it comes to the world of cosmetics, there are a ton of brands to choose from. Revlon, Maybelline, Covergirl and Almay are fan-favorites, but there is a brand new top-contender. LimeCrime is its name and setting new standards in makeup is its game. Founded by Doe Deere, this vividly-bold line of cosmetics has created a name for itself. You’ll find some of the most dazzling color tones with this exclusive brand as well as some of the darkest of hues. The main question is, should Lime Crime expand into unchartered waters?

With so much success in the American market, Lime Crime is looking to conquer the Chinese market. One of the biggest concerns here is that China is grand-central station for counterfeits and there is no brand that’s an exception. This is a major problem for any product, especially for cosmetics. Lime Crime will have to change the consumers’ perception of the brand while ensuring them that they’ll receive the absolute best products that are authentic. By teaming up with e-commerce-giant Revolve, Lime Crime can perfectly advertise the products in a positive way. Revolve has its own e-commerce hub, and it has very similar aspirations that are in conjuction with Lime Crime. The goal is to spread word of mouth about the expansion, which will build a seed audience. Once the seed audience is built, consumers can search through the authentic products on the companies official websites and social media accounts.

Lime Crime is also looking to launch the business on Chinese soil instead of shipping the products into China. This action drastically cuts down on monetary expenses as well as shipping complexities. This is definitely a very progressive approach of doing business in a different market and things are looking very bright for this cosmetic juggernaut.

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