Talkspace: The Future of Therapy

Talkspace is a text therapy service founded and headed by Oren Frank. You can access it online may it by using your iPhone, android device or your computer at home and have a meaningful session with a registered and professional therapist.

There is no need anymore to hustle around the town looking for a parking lot or walking all the way just to see a therapist. You can reach one over your phone from the comfort of an office desk or coffee table at home. Talkspace e-therapy offers a wide range of options, from voice and video calls, skype or texts. Over half a million users are currently using this service matched with over a thousand professional therapist.

Talkspace is working on expanding its services; it has already signed a deal with Megan Health, a giant medical health care provider. This is an indication that in no time you will be able to seek an online therapist under your employers medical cover package.

The service is cheaper, save time that you could otherwise need to get to a therapist and it’s an on-demand service. For $32 a week, you can talk to a therapist once every day through chatting over text messages or $39 for two sessions per day. For an additional live session each month with your therapist, you will only need to pay $49 a week.

Some challenges such as lack of verbal cues make it difficult for the therapist to ”read” their patients but they are working with other fruitful alternatives such as learning to express emotions and feelings through written words. Also, therapists have learned to deal with with the misconception of the service being an instant help. A point to note about Talkspace is that it gives both the client and the therapist a chance to chose how to engage with one another.

Talkspace can be convient and great for travelers and writers. If you are a writer and usually get psyched and love expressing yourself over written words, then, Talkspace will work best for you. You will find it easier to communicate and have a meaningful interaction with a therapist just the way you like it.

Talkspace give one chance to keep their favorite therapist at all time. Travelling or tight schedules won’t deter you from getting help from the therapist whom you have already bonded with. You might be flying around the world or having a back to back work schedules and still maintain your sessions with your excellent therapist courtesy of Talkspace

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