Dr. Clay Siegall Will Stop At Nothing Until Seattle Genetics Is a Big Pharma

Seattle Genetics has become the dominant biotech company in the entire Washington. The firm boasts of a market value of approximately ten billion dollars with a staff of nearly one thousand employees. The company aims at graduating into being a large pharmaceutical industry by investing heavily in marketing and research. The management wants to employ more employees hence fulfill its grand ambitions of being among the few biotechnological firms that turn into pharmaceutical companies.

Seattle Genetics headquarters has a green Lego bricks triangular-shaped sculpture which simplifies the human antibody. Since its foundation in 1998, Seattle Genetics centers on the study, manipulation, and packaging of antibodies into drugs. As the Lego bricks bind to other elements, so is the capability of Seattle Genetics’ antibodies to connect to therapies. The company designs antibodies that can deliver toxic levels of the drug to cancer cells thus destroying them from the inside. The design is one of the top ways that could make Seattle Genetics rise the ranks and reside among the big leagues.

Many analysts project that the company could turn into a big pharmaceutical industry. The sales of Adcetris would inevitably rise if the ongoing tests could produce positive results. Adcetris is Seattle’s flagship drug that finds use in the treatment of Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Clay Siegall, the co-founder, and president of Seattle Genetics declares that they are an emerging multiproduct and global oncology firm by pointing out to the many drug products in the company’s pipeline. Clay Siegall desires to build a big business out of Seattle Genetics and does not express any intentions of selling it to other more significant firms as is typical with many biotech organizations.

Clay Siegall aims at expanding his company’s scope by handling all the international marketing complexities of the firm’s newer drugs while also focusing on drug development. Clay Siegall learned about global markets from his partnership with Takeda Oncology thus made him start an office in Switzerland that could allow his company do its marketing internationally.

Under the leadership of Dr. Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics is building an extensive pipeline of antibody-based tumor treatments. He focuses on developing and commercializing innovative cancer therapies. Dr. Siegall guides the company’s capital-generating activities that makes Seattle Genetics secure vast sums of money from private and public funding programs. Dr. Siegall writes publications and currently has 15 patents. He received a bachelor degree in Zoology and a Ph.D. in Genetics.

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