Talos Energy is Among the First Three Private Oil and Gas Drilling Companies to Drill Oil in Mexico

Competition within the energy market in Mexico is expected to escalate to all-time high levels after the 80-years absence of private firms came to an end in May this year. Talos Energy LLC, Sierra Oil & Gas, and Premier Oil Plc from USA, Mexico, and England respectively are among the private companies to ignite competition with Petroleos Mexicanos- a state-owned oil drilling company. The three private companies will be drilling the Zama-1 well, marking not only the entry of the private companies in Mexico’s oil drilling industry but also the entrance of foreign companies. This is a huge step towards the privatization law that was passed a couple of years ago, bringing the curtains down for Petroles Mexicanos monopoly that started way back in 1938.

Zama-1 well falls within the state of Tabasco and in the popular Sureste Basin. Earlier estimations showed that the well could produce up to a half billion barrels of crude oil, with the minimum number set at 100 million barrels. Sources within the three drilling companies revealed that the drilling process would consume not less than $16 million and would take three months to complete. As the pioneers of the Mexican oil reforms, the three oil companies carry the burden of marketing Mexico’s oil industry globally.

Estimated Success Rate

According to Elaine Reynolds, an investments analyst from London’s Edison Investment Research Ltd., investors from across the world will be keenly following the drilling process at Zama-1 well. Another analyst, Mr. Charlie Sharp from Canaccord Genuity Ltd., argued that Zama could be the most interesting piece of business that is yet to be seen in Mexico’s oilfields. In his assessment, the well will be having a far-reaching implication on Mexico’s economy. On a geological point of view, the well will be starting with one foot in the front particularly because of the strategic positioning of the Sureste Basin.

About Talos

Talos Energy LLC is one of the largest oil and gas drilling companies in the United States. With its headquarters based in Houston, USA, the firm mainly operates in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico.

Among the key shareholders of the Apollo Global Management, LLC and Riverstone Holdings LLC. The company recently acquired the Energy Resource Technology GOM, Inc in a move to expanding its infrastructure and expertise.

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