Dr. Mark McKenna is a Medical Doctor and thriving entrepreneur

Dr. Mark McKenna is a successful doctor and entrepreneur. He has owned a number of businesses including ShapeMed which he founded in 2007. It was later sold to Life Time Fitness Inc. in 2014. Dr. McKenna served as National Medical Director of the company until July 2016. He also became the founder and Chief Executive Officer of OVME. McKenna also started a boutique real estate development firm with his father called McKenna Venture Investments. The entrepreneur doctor later acquired Uptown Title, Inc. and Universal Mortgage Lending. Unfortunately Hurricane Katrina destroyed the beautiful sity, including his businesses. He dedicated his time and energy to help rebuild the city with low to moderate income housing.

One thing that makes Dr. McKenna so successful is due to the fact that McKenna regularly sets goals, meditates, and visualizes the outcome of what he desires. He also tries to surround himself people that are smarter than him. It’s no wonder he looks up to Michael Bloomberg, Elon Musk, and Barack Obama. The are well known in their respective fields, inspiring people all over the world. The doctor also likes to read, and does it all time. One of his favorite books he recommends to everyone is by an author named Napoleon Hill and the book is called “Think and Grow Rich.” McKenna uses all the basic software and web services to run his business including XCEL, Microsoft Office, and other similar programs. He is always thinking outside the box, and that is what keeps his life interesting and productive. It is also good to smell the flowers. He says speed without direction is useless.

Dr. McKenna, MD, MBA is a Medical Doctor based in Atlanta, Georgia. He was licensed by the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners in surgery and medicine. He graduated from Tulane University Medical School. He is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana.

The entrepreneur and doctor is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of ShapeMed. They are a non-surgical aesthetics and wellness clinic based in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a dedicated patient advocate, and loves to serve his local community.

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