Sustainable Architectural Designs With Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is a famous and skillful architect whose main focus is on providing and encouraging sustainable architectural solutions in the markets he serves. He currently holds two positions at the American Institute of Architects, the Executive Vice President as well as the Chief Executive Officer Position.

The American Institute of Architects constitutes of more than ninety thousand members. The members are well vast in architectural designs and plans. Robert Ivy’s work in this company encompasses the general public outreach and spreading of knowledge about the advantages of good architecture that is sustainable.

Since he joined the company, he has taken up the responsibility of improving the processes around decision-making. Furthermore, he has embraced and implemented the use of advanced technology to better their services. Robert has taken it upon himself to start a campaign to create awareness on the work that the Institute handles.

Robert Ivy, as a leader and experienced architect, is encouraging architects to embrace the use of sustainable architectural procedures. This is mainly in the bid to promote and enhance the public health as they aim towards protecting the climate. They do these through giving grants to enhance research for sustainable architecture among others.

Prior to joining the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy had worked in executive positions at the McGraw-Hill Construction and Architectural Record. Awards such as Premier Magazine Journalism and American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Awards were attained under his exemplary leadership. The exquisite Alpha Rho Chi Award was eye-catching as it was a rare reward for most architects who are at the top of the game. Robert has majored his skill in architecture at the Tulane University with an Architecture Master’s degree. He also holds a University of the South bachelor’s degree.

Robert takes his time in writing about architecture and topics revolving around the same topic. He has given talks and speeches about the benefits of architecture in the lives of different people. He has taken his time in studying and interviewing other architects as well as taking part in some interviews as well. Among his jobs was the Venice Architecture Biennale position that he held three times. With his International Circle of Architecture Critics membership, he plays his part efficiently and is very active. Currently, the trend that excites him the most is architecture going out of their way to offer supplementary services as opposed to the normal traditional routine designs.

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