Clay Siegall: Steering Seattle Genetics Towards New Cancer Treatment Frontiers

Seattle Genetics has carved out a name for itself in the pharmaceutical industry for its dedication towards finding innovative cancer therapies that are more efficient. Their success towards developing conjugates for targeted treatment has been determined by several factors key among them the company’s cofounder and current president and chief executive officer: Clay Siegall. His unwavering dedication and passion for alleviating the suffering of cancer patients and their relatives is born out of the several days he had to watch a close relative endure the pain that comes with conventional treatment cancer treatment methods.


This early experience inspired to dedicate his time and professional and scholarly experience to developing alternative targeted therapy. Towards this, he has achieved significant success especially at Seattle Genetics where he has successfully guided the company to partner with other big pharmaceutical companies. He has also dedicated a significant portion of the company’s resources into research. The fruits of these efforts include development of the first line of drugs, which have been approved by the FDA and is currently being used in several countries while many more in the pipeline. His success at the helm of Seattle Genetics has however been a product of excellent teamwork efforts where all departments including the legal and sales teams have played a significant role. This has also enabled Clay Siegall guide the company out of financial challenges that beset it.


Scholarly Endeavors and Contributions to Cancer Research


Clay Siegall is a professional research scientist and a scholar on cancer. His dedication towards cancer research and effective treatment began at University of Maryland where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. At the university, he specialized in zoology before later on specializing genetics at the George Washington University where he studied for his Doctor of Philosophy degree. As a dedicated research scientist, Clay Siegall has invented various ideas, which has seen him awarded 15 patents. He has been honored with several awards for his dedication to cancer research. As a scholar and company executive passionate about the plight of cancer patients and their families, he has helped in raising of over $1 billion in capital. The funds are earmarked for cancer research and development of effective drugs.