Summer Sun Protection Lip Balms By EOS

If you are looking for a fun way to protect your lips, then you have to check out the Active Protection Lip Balms by EOS. For those of us who love to wear fun flavors and make our lips feel soft, yet still get some SPF protection, this lip balm is perfect. I like it because I don’t have to sacrifice flavor for SPF protection. Instead, I get to enjoy sun protection and a lip balm flavor that I love. The little spheres are perfect to add into a beach bag.

The SPF varieties of EOS lip balms come in two citrus flavors, look at this site. The one that I like the most is lemon twist. It comes in a warm sunny yellow case with a bright lemon yellow swirl on it. It smells like lemons and limes. The balm itself has vitamin E in it, which helps lips stay healthy and smooth. It also has SPF 15 protection, which makes it a perfect lip-balm for summer days full of activity in the sunshine, see for more.

The other flavor that EOS offers with sun protection is called “Fresh Grapefruit”. This flavor has stronger a stronger SPF value (30 instead of 15) so is good for those who burn easily. It comes in a pink case that is the color of pink grapefruit. It smells so fruity and delicious! Useful content here on

The EOS lip balm company name actually stands for “Evolution Of Smooth”, and all of their products are made with to help customers have happy, smooth and soft lips. The EOS lip balm uses natural ingredients like vitamin E, jojoba oils, and shea butter. EOS also makes hand lotion and shaving creams. The company started up in 2006 as an idea between three friends, but it quickly grew to become a leader in the chap-stick industry! It seems that everyone loves the little spherical lip balms that EOS has come up with.


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