Light Fruit Flavored EOS Lip Balms

The wide array of fruit flavored lip balms offered by EOS has always intrigued me, and I recently set out to try some of their more subdued and less lip puckering options. While I have tried many of EOS’ lip balms, many of them have these strong flavors that are enjoyable when you try them, though sometimes something that is simply less intense hits the spot.

EOS has long been one of my favorite lip balms for their commitment to producing all-natural and organic ingredients. Their lip balms use ingredients that lead to a less fake overall flavor that prevents it from tasting like many of the artificial products out there. In addition, their unique sphere shaped lip balms are fun to buy and use and maintain a sanitary and enjoyable application. They aren’t called the Evolution of Smooth (EOS) for nothing, view to gain more info.

I started out with a flavor that was just as subdued as it sounded; honeysuckle honeydew. The combination of the floral flavors from the honeysuckle and the fruit flavored melon from the honeydew, blend together to make an interesting yet light and airy flavored Balm. The lip balm has nothing overpowering about it; the perfect lightly flavored option that can be applied all day and still taste pleasant. See now here on

Blackberry nectar was next on my list and was stronger flavored but still a light and enjoyable application. Blackberry is rare in lip balms and hard to capture in a balm, but EOS did an admirable job. Blackberry nectar provides a great tasting lip balm that is perfect for summer and doesn’t overpower your tastes.

There are many different lip balm options out there from EOS so the hunt continues to find the right lip balm. Their wide variety caters for any mood or taste and that is what makes EOS so special.

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