Eric Pulier’s Journey to Success

Eric Pulier is a skilled computer expert; he started developing an interest in software development when in high school and polished up his skills in the Harvard University. Eric is also a successful entrepreneur; his entrepreneurial skills are reflected in the companies that he has founded or co-founded. His journey of success started when he founded his first technology database company when still a teenager.


Some of the companies that Mr. Eric Pulier has founded include Desktone, SOA Software, US Interactive, and Media Platform. Pulier has always been working hard to give back to the community. In 1995, Pulier, Norman Schwarzkopf, Stephen Spielberg, and Peter Samuelson developed Starbright World the first social media platform. The intention of this platform was to connect children suffering from chronic illness via a chart. Pulier has also used Starbright World to raise funds for the suffering children. Painted Turtle is the latest thing that he is offering children who are suffering from chronic diseases. These kids can enjoy summer just like any other person at Painted Turtle. Pulier also became the first person who developed a multimedia educational platform suitable for home users.


Mr. Eric Pulier is an author; he started writing and editing when still in the University, among his first work to edit was the University daily newspaper called Harvard Crimson. In his book Understanding Enterprise SOA, Pulier portrays his writing skills and his ability to reach out to his audience. He has also written some articles for Forbes and other renowned media houses.


Mr. Pullier’s contracts with Clinton government in the 1990s gave him an upper hand to start working with other prominent organizations. Pulier is still trying to improve the life of those who are in need by doing more innovations. Eric Pulier is the Director of the Enterprise Leadership Council. He currently stays in Los Angeles together with his four children.

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