The Wessex Institute Holds Many Secrets Within Their Journals

The Wessex Institute owns the publishing platform WIT Press, which is responsible for publishing scientific research and annual journals. These journals may be subscribed to in paper or digital formats.

The International Journal of Environmental Impacts will be the new journal to be released in 2018. This journal contains many environmental impacts that modern humans have on the environment. Declining animal habitat may even have an effect on humans by socio-economic means.

The International Journal of Heritage Architecture will be reaching its fourth volume this year. Humans have done a poor job maintaining important historical buildings in certain parts of the globe. The journal will go over means of spreading awareness and methods to restore such architecture.

The quest for sustainable energy productions goes on in the International Journal of Energy Production and Management. There are many new efficient means that our civilization may utilize to reduce our carbon footprint. Reducing global warming through energy conservation is critical.

USHEALTH Group: the Best Health Insurance Provider

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is a leading health insurance provider headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. It has an excellent track record and is known for its reliable and affordable health insurance packages. USHEALTH Group’s mission is abbreviated as HOPE, which stands for helping other people every day, and that is exactly what they do. People rarely see sicknesses and other emergencies coming, and they can come at the most inopportune of times. It is, therefore, important to have an insurance plan to save you all the stress that comes with trying to look for funds to cater for treatment and other attendant costs. This is the peace of mind that USHEALTH Group strives to provide its clients on a daily basis.

Products and Services Offered

USHEALTH offers a variety of health insurance products and services to individuals, families and even companies looking for affordable coverage for their employees. The products and services can either be generic or tailored to individual clients’ unique needs. Some of the insurance covers they provide include specific disease insurance, accident insurance, life insurance, critical illness insurance, dental coverage, and vision insurance among others. Clients can get a free and obligation-free cost estimate on the USHEALTH website by inputting information about their insurance needs such as the number of people to be covered and what diseases, conditions, or circumstances they need coverage for. One of the things that clients love most about the services of USHEALTH is the easy and hassle-free claims process which saves them unnecessary stress in an already difficult situation.


USHEALTH has a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars, which is an A-. Employees of USHEALTH Group have enthusiastic reviews of the company as their career advancement prospects at the firm are very high and the terms of employment and working conditions favor their career growth. This is probably what motivates them to do their job so well and always ensure that their clients receive nothing but the best products and services. They are constantly coming up with new products and services to meet the ever-changing health insurance needs of their clients.

Warren Buffett, Rebuffed by Capital Group Chairman

World class financial expert and massively successful investor, Warren Buffett recently gambled one million dollars for charity on a S & P 500 passive index fund.

Given Mr. Buffett’s extremely high profile within the world of investment finance very few individuals have the confidence or experience to critique the second richest man in America. But there is one man who does not exactly see eye to eye with Mr. Warren Buffett on his latest enterprise, a one Timothy Armour.

Timothy Armour is very well known for his work with the financial services company, Capital Group, specifically for heading up their research and management divisions as both Chairman (a position he was promoted to in 2015) and Chief Executive Officer. But Mr. Armour’s experience within the industry runs much deeper, for he has a long list of successful financial ventures associated with a bevy of well known companies such as The New Economy Fund and the AMCAP Fund.


Given this extensive financial and investment experience, Mr. Armour is well positioned to rebuff Mr. Warren. Armour’s issue is specifically with Warren’s intense focus and promotion of passive index funds. The Capital Group CEO takes special pains to state, in a recent article, that there is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with passive index funds themselves, but there is a big problem with placing all of your faith in them – putting all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak. The main reason for this, Armour clarifies, has nothing to do with the tired talking points about “active versus passive” discrepancies but rather has everything to do with market volatility. One thing most people, even many seasoned investors, do not know is that passive index funds (or PIF’s if you will) offer ZERO protection from markets in downturn. And one thing that is as sure as death and taxes is that bull markets will always, always turn, sooner or later.

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