Danilo Granados: The Miami-Based Entrepreneur

Danilo Granados is a widely recognized entrepreneur who has made many notable contributions to the private marketplace. Mr. Granados attended the prestigious Babson College from 2007 to 2010. After his graduation, he went on to work in the telecommunication sector before starting his own venture.

From his LinkedIn profile, we learn that he joined Movilway in 2012. Movilway is a major mobile network and electronic payments service provider in South America. It is among the three companies (Movilway, Celestica, and Sure Destiny) that make up the Celestica Inc. The Celestica Group started its operations in mid- 2008 servicing clients from Madrid, Spain. Over the years, the company has evolved to offer it services to more than seven countries in Latin America.

In 2013, he alongside Rafael Gill founded Toys for Boys Miami LLC. “We are pleased to finally be able to open our doors to the world and allow Miami to experience something quite unprecedented,” Mr. Rafael Gill said. “This luxury boutique offers high net worth individuals some of the best and rarest collectibles including watches, sunglasses among other items. Located in Wynnewood, Miami, the store offers private viewing of all its products to ensure the customer’s privacy.

Mr. Granados has made a name for himself in throwing major parties for his clients. Last summer, he threw a major event that attracted affluent guests throughout the Miami region. The event was unlike anything ever seen by Miami residents. As reported by PR Newswire, the event featured some of the best cuisines, boat rides, helicopter rides among other activities.

“I wanted to create an opportunity that would give our guests a once-in-a-lifetime experience…., Men in Miami now have a place to check out the most extravagant, one-of-a-kind products and places.” Mr. Diaz said when he was asked about the purpose of the event.

Understanding Professional NBA Betting

Professional basketball could just be the most exciting sport to bet on in the United States. The NBA is an electric league filled with incredible talent and competition up and down the standings. While only a few teams will be in the running for an NBA Championship, ANY team can find a way to win during the 82 game regular season. Today we are going to talk about professional NBA betting and how you can use websites like Covers.com in order to rack up some cash.

To start things off, professional basketball is probably the most fluid sport in the world. Things change by the minute and you can have star players pulled from the line up just minutes before the ball tips off. With 82 games of physical competition, rest days needed, and any other potential reason to miss a game — things can happen. That’s why you need to make sure that you make a habit of staying up to the minute with information as it releases. Going to Covers.com you can find your way to some important information: betting lines, spread information and so on. However, you’ll likely want to complement that research with live updates from various top sporting news websites.

Our favorite way to bet on NBA odds is to key in on picks and parlays. You will want to be comfortable with your basketball knowledge before getting in on this type of betting, but once you do — you might be in for some serious cash. Parlays are basically ‘if and then’ scenarios that make your bets harder to pull off but infinitely more prosperous. AN example of a parlay would be that you expect the Clippers to beat the Lakers and Chris Paul to get a triple double. If anything in that list doesn’t happen then you lose the bet. Can you see how this leaves room for you to bring in some extra cash?

No matter what you end up betting on you need to have a working understanding of how the spread works. Head to Covers.com and look through the betting lines for today’s slate of NBA games. The spread, listed as ATS on Covers.com, is the difference that one team is expected to beat another by. So if Clippers vs LA has the Clippers at -15, then they need to win by 15 points in order to cover the spread.

George Soros Makes Strategy Post Trump Victory

George Soros, investment guru, billionaire, liberal political activist, author, pundit, and lightning rod for multiple conspiracy theories, was just as stunned as most of the United States when Donald Trump won the election in 2016. Soros has been documented to have spent or influenced the contribution of $25 million to the failed Clinton campaign.

Soros along with the Clinton team based the expected Democratic victory for the White House on a campaign that specifically targeted minority and women voters on nytimes.com. The lackluster turnout of Blacks who were expected to vote against Trump and a huge turn out from rural Caucasians has the Democrats and Soros asking where they went wrong.

George Soros agenda and the Democratic agenda for a Presidential victory included a large number of ads. Tweets, and debate mentions directed at what are considered to be the liberal point of view on climate change, economic equality, the influence of corporations in politics, and corporate tax increase did not produce the resonance that was expected.

Soros, the Democratic Party, the Clintons, and the liberal media are still scratching their heads in wonder at a Trump victory. Soros and the most influential money that favors the Democratic and liberal agenda as well as leading Congressional and party lights met for the first time on November 14, 2016, in Washington to determine exactly what went wrong and make plans for delaying actions to fight the Trump agenda that is proceeding much faster than expected.

A large part of the puzzle that the group examined was the stunning fact that Trump spent 41 percent of the money that the leading contributors to Clinton’s campaign on nybooks.com did and yet still won. Some of the Democrats feel that the financial wizards need to be eliminated or disposed of in light of the astounding loss by Clinton and the threat to the “liberal” agenda.

George Soros broke with his recent past lack of contributions to Democratic campaigns to come out swinging in a big way in 2105 and 2016. Clinton lost but Soros and his money were influential in removing ultraconservative sheriffs, governors, and state representatives.

The fact that Soros is a head line speaker in the meeting that involves the people who spent the most money for liberal and Democratic causes in 2016 is also a break with his past behavior. The Soros agenda has been described as a movement to fund and defeat all of the Trump campaign promises through all means necessary.

Soros openly likens a Trump Presidency to Communism and Nazism and the personal losses that Soros has endured due to such nationalistic and authoritarian regimes. On a more moderate note, Soros explains that the xenophobia that has been experienced in France and Britain due to Islamic fundamentalist attacks cannot be followed in a United States that has for the past eight years endeavored to engender and establish more freedom and the involvement of more people in the solutions than the country has ever seen.

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The message from Soros seems abundantly clear. The agenda is to find what the Clinton campaign did wrong, prepare a Democratic strategy that will take back seats in the House and Senate, fund opponents to the Trump agenda, fund litigation against the Trump plan, and lay the foundations for a Democratic Presidency in 2020.

Soros past experience and his presence bode for changes in the Democratic Party and how campaigns and campaign dollars are managed in the United States.

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