Livio Bisterzo And Hippeas Is Turning Snack Food Into Health Food

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Hippeas is a nutritional snack that is growing in popularity world wide. Hippeas are made from the versatile legume known as chickpeas or garbanzos. This legume is high in dietary fiber, is an excellent source of protein, manganese and iron, and can help balance blood sugar levels. It’s also great for heart health and contains antioxidants (saponins) that can lower the risk of breast cancer and osteoporosis in women. The buttery flavored legume can also help with weight loss. Hippeas brand snacks is now making this nutritious legume into a great tasting snack.

Produced and marketed by Green Park Brands, Hippeas is available in four tasty flavors each made with a special blend of seasonings. They are Far Out Fajita made with chili, paprika and cumin. Pepper Power with pepper and sea salt. Sweet & Smokin uses paprika spice, smoked sea salt and onion and In Herbs We Trust made with rosemary, oregano and thyme. Together these tasty, nutritious snacks can transform the snack food market and improve the health and well-being of the people that eat them. That’s because Hippeas are organic, gluten-free, kosher, vegan and contain no MSG, GMOs or trans-fats. Plus chickpea plants release nitrogen into the soil enriching it as they grow.

Italian entrepreneur Livio Bisterzo is a major force behind the Hippeas brand. Currently the CEO of California-based Green Park Brands, Bisterzo moved from Italy to London as an 18 year old in 1999. After graduating from London’s University of Arts in 2001, Bisterzo went on to found and market a wide range of companies. They included Maddox Club, Pollen St, Kyoku for Men and Little Miracles.

In 2015 Livio Bisterzo founded food innovation company Green Park Holdings and set out to make his mark in the health and nutrition sector. Hippeas is Green Park Holdings’ first product and it has taken the market by storm. It is delicious, nutritious and created in conjunction with Farm Africa. The organization located in sub-Saharan Africa will receive a portion of each sale. It’s all part of Green Park Holdings philosophy of ‘Peas Love & Giving Back’. Green Park and Bisterzo plan to have Hippeas in 18,500 stores throughout the UK and US soon.

Securus Technologies Keeps Prisoners’ Lines Of Communication Open

In many cases, prison systems have paperwork systems that are inadequately utilized. Some prisons have antiquated ways of dealing with the different types of paperwork and communication channels that must be used by prison staff every day. This is an ongoing problem in the criminal justice system: finding costs are appropriate ways to maintain vital communication between inmate and captor.


They have been spearheading different forms of communication to help bridge the gap between present custodians and the general prison populace. With the introduction of their new system that emphasizes inmate communication and grievances, the company is hoping for those who have facilities large and small keep records with those inside and outside of the jail in a more expedient manner.


Currently, Securus Technologies and its various systems are a part of over 3000 different prisons and correctional facilities in the United States. Overall, their systems are responsible for the communications of over 1,200,000 inmates in different parts of the country.


Securus Technologies in its latest technologies helps jail houses, correctional facilities, and prisons maintain adequate record-keeping and communications between the incarcerated and the prison staff. Without the innovations of Securus, there would be far more snafus and problems in the prisoner/facility dynamic.


Reducing time, headaches and applications is the mission goal of Securus Technologies. As they continued to increase and expand their products and services throughout America’s prison systems, more and more present and correctional facilities will discover the innovation and simplicity that their systems offer.


Serving in more than 25 nations with employment of more than 2,000 employees globally, IAP is at the leading edge in providing advanced technical and professional services, facilities control, and provision of global-scale logistics. Their headquarters are in Cape Canaveral, FL. IAP Worldwide Services is committed to providing their clients with reliable, safe and innovative solutions that meet their customers’ specifications. They offer a broad range of services to the United States and global corporations and government agencies. They engage in planning the least regular occurrences like natural calamities and overseas battlefields. IAP has over 15 years experience in providing solutions to management technology.

Over the past 60 years, IAP has created an impressive image in the eyes of their customers, not only as a result of meeting their demands but also striving to exceed their expectations. IAP believes that their customers are number one priority thereby taking their clients’ needs as their responsibility.

Recently, IAP Worldwide Services has acquired some corporations including TCNS (tactical communications and network solutions business) and (DRS), Aviation and Logistics business. The acquisition will help IAP increase its services and also expand its market. TCNS initially provided IT services and communication support to the U.S Defense unit.

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IAP Employees

IAP Worldwide Services is made up of people committed to solving problems and challenges for others.


Enhance growth and learning
– Working together with the society, customers and partners for success
– Embrace and adapt to the changing environment
– Serve with sincerity and humility


IAP members personally commit themselves to its clients, partners and one another. Creativity is highly encouraged, prize integrity and the contributions of every individual are highly recognized. Every person in the corporation receives due respect regardless of the positions they hold. Their unique professions and contributions are highly valued.


Their mission is to provide solutions to most complex challenges using reliable technologies, knowledge, and skills. They take their clients’ mission as their own and work on their best to deliver customer needs.

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