Wessex Institute of Technology Options

Do you want to take your carer to a new level? As the economy continues to improve, there are a lot of people who are starting to hire workers. The Wessex Institute of Technology is a great option for many people. A lot of companies today want good workers who are willing to take their life to a new level. If you are ready to work hard, this is the company for you. Come on by today to see what kind of opportunities can be unlocked by working with the Wessex Institute of Technology. Over the long term, this is a change that a lot of people are excited about. We will help your career get to a new level by investing in you as a person, and we will also help you build on your educational base. The Wessex Institute of Technology is a great option for you over time.

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Anthony ‘Tony’ Petrello: From A Working Class Background To The Highest Paid CEO

Anthony ‘Tony’ Petrello is living the American Dream. Raised in the working-class community of Newark, New Jersey, he has used his natural talent, hard work and an excellent education to become the highest paid CEO in America.

The path he took was surprising. A math whiz with genius level skills, he studied under noted mathematician Professor Serge Lang at Yale while earning his bachelor’s and masters degrees in mathematics. But instead of doing groundbreaking work in academia, he decided instead to attend Harvard Law School. And the rest is history.

After earning his Juris Doctor Petrello was hired by Baker & McKenzie, the prestigious New York law firm. By 1986 he had shown so much talent, discipline and hard work he was made managing director of the firm’s New York office. In 1991 Petrello was hired by Nabors Industries as their chief operating officer. The company, which is based in Houston, Texas, is the world’s largest land-based gas and oil drilling company. One year later he became Nabors Industries Incorporated’s president. The company named him CEO in 2011 and board chairman in 2012. By 2015 Anthony Petrello was the highest paid CEO earning over $68 million a year.

Petrello is married to Cynthia Petrello, an actress and producer that was his college sweetheart. The couple have a daughter that was born prematurely and suffers from cerebral palsy. When she was diagnosed with the condition, Anthony Petrello gave Texas Children’s Hospital $7 million as seed money for their proposed neurological research center. And Petrello has continued to make significant contributions to the hospital. He is currently the director of Texas Children’s Hospital Incorporated and remains one of the neurological research center’s biggest donors.

But Nabors Industries and Texas Children’s Hospital are not the only organizations to which Anthony Petrello lends his prodigious talent and vast business and legal expertise. Since 2011 he has been MediaOnDemand.com’s director. Plus Tony Petrello gives generously to many other charitable and philanthropic causes and organizations. Petrello says he’s been fortunate in his business dealings and seeks out effective ways he can help others. He has also never forgotten his working-class roots.

For many young people Anthony ‘Tony’ Petrello is the perfect role model. He’s been able to use his talent, education and hard work to not only create a good life for him and his family, he also shares his resources with people and organizations that need help.

Fabletics: An e-Commerce Success Story

Running a successful online fashion company isn’t quite as glamorous as it looks. Yes, having success selling great clothing that people love to wear has to be gratifying, but the reality is that today e-commerce fashion companies have to work harder and harder to attract a solid and reliable customer base. Much of this stems from the fact that right now Amazon has a 20 percent share of the online fashion market, so getting a stake in this market is more competitive than ever.


Today, customers expect a lot from online fashion companies, even beyond a quality product at a great price. Customers expect a unique appeal from a brand, as well as top customer experiences and last mile service. All that is really just a starting point for attracting customers to an online company, which means even more is expected in order to keep those customers coming back.


The Special Appeal of Fabletics


Still, even with the bar being set so high, there are still ecommerce fashion companies that are breaking through, like Fabletics. The Fabletics brand was co-founded by actress Kate Hudson three years ago, and today the company is valued at $250 million. That’s an amazing success story, and one that shows that new startups can still break through in this highly competitive business world.


Fabletics is a very appealing brand for women who want activewear that looks great, wears well, and can double as fashion for work or social events. The pieces from Fabletics are beautifully designed, and there are pieces geared towards different types of activities. Women who sign up for the company’s VIP monthly subscriber service can fill out an online form letting the brand know what kinds of workouts they prefer (whether they be jogging, yoga, or aerobics, for example), and they will receive a monthly selection of pieces curated by Hudson. This level of personal service is very attractive, and is offered at an affordable price. The response to this special brand subscription has been incredibly positive, and the brand keeps growing as a result.



Kate Hudson’s appeal as a spokesperson for the brand is another big asset for Fabletics. Hudson’s active lifestyle speaks well for the Fabletics brand, as it has an aspirational feel that appeals to women who are pursuing an athletic and healthy lifestyle.


As Fabletics continues its upward growth, there’s no doubt that Kate Hudson will continue her hard work in promoting a lifestyle that favors her company and the women who appreciate great looking activewear at a great price.

Equities First Offering Alternative Lending to High Rollers

Getting a loan nowadays can be really difficult. Banks place stringent requirements that most people cannot attain. Most financial institutions will require that you have a certain amount of money as deposit so that they can advance the loan. And, while almost always you actually are taking a loan because you have no money, it leaves you with no option other than to procrastinate your plans.

Equities first identifies your vulnerability to get cash without cash deposits. Therefore, coming to your rescue where banks might be failing you. They give you loans based on the stocks that you hold. Money borrowing could not get any better. Aside from allowing you to access loans even without cash, they make borrowing less expensive. The stock loan market is hardly affected by fluctuations. Therefore, you are guaranteed that you will not keep paying more as the fluctuations take an uphill.

There are more perks to stock-based loans. The borrower can decide that they will keep the proceeds from the loan and leave the stocks to the lender in case stocks devalue. In that case, the borrower will have befitted, by transferring losses.

You can benefit from these and much more if you borrow your stock-based loan from a reputable company such as Equities First. Equities First continue to be a leading financial company advancing non-recourse loans to those who are unwilling or incapable of placing a cash deposit.

About Equities First

Equities First was founded in the year 2002. These international financial company has representatives in Australia, Singapore, London, and Hong Kong. Through the various subsidiaries, the company is able to reach more businesses and individuals and offer them an alternative method of borrowing. They mainly hold stocks that are listed in the stock exchange and in turn offer the holder money for whatever projects they might have.

Equities First has achieved first growth due to their low-interest rates and the ability to offer an alternative financing method. High rollers continue to borrow with the company and with the increases awareness, the company now has offices in more than 10 countries worldwide.


Danilo Granados: The Miami-Based Entrepreneur

Danilo Granados is a widely recognized entrepreneur who has made many notable contributions to the private marketplace. Mr. Granados attended the prestigious Babson College from 2007 to 2010. After his graduation, he went on to work in the telecommunication sector before starting his own venture.

From his LinkedIn profile, we learn that he joined Movilway in 2012. Movilway is a major mobile network and electronic payments service provider in South America. It is among the three companies (Movilway, Celestica, and Sure Destiny) that make up the Celestica Inc. The Celestica Group started its operations in mid- 2008 servicing clients from Madrid, Spain. Over the years, the company has evolved to offer it services to more than seven countries in Latin America.

In 2013, he alongside Rafael Gill founded Toys for Boys Miami LLC. “We are pleased to finally be able to open our doors to the world and allow Miami to experience something quite unprecedented,” Mr. Rafael Gill said. “This luxury boutique offers high net worth individuals some of the best and rarest collectibles including watches, sunglasses among other items. Located in Wynnewood, Miami, the store offers private viewing of all its products to ensure the customer’s privacy.

Mr. Granados has made a name for himself in throwing major parties for his clients. Last summer, he threw a major event that attracted affluent guests throughout the Miami region. The event was unlike anything ever seen by Miami residents. As reported by PR Newswire, the event featured some of the best cuisines, boat rides, helicopter rides among other activities.

“I wanted to create an opportunity that would give our guests a once-in-a-lifetime experience…., Men in Miami now have a place to check out the most extravagant, one-of-a-kind products and places.” Mr. Diaz said when he was asked about the purpose of the event.

Understanding Professional NBA Betting

Professional basketball could just be the most exciting sport to bet on in the United States. The NBA is an electric league filled with incredible talent and competition up and down the standings. While only a few teams will be in the running for an NBA Championship, ANY team can find a way to win during the 82 game regular season. Today we are going to talk about professional NBA betting and how you can use websites like Covers.com in order to rack up some cash.

To start things off, professional basketball is probably the most fluid sport in the world. Things change by the minute and you can have star players pulled from the line up just minutes before the ball tips off. With 82 games of physical competition, rest days needed, and any other potential reason to miss a game — things can happen. That’s why you need to make sure that you make a habit of staying up to the minute with information as it releases. Going to Covers.com you can find your way to some important information: betting lines, spread information and so on. However, you’ll likely want to complement that research with live updates from various top sporting news websites.

Our favorite way to bet on NBA odds is to key in on picks and parlays. You will want to be comfortable with your basketball knowledge before getting in on this type of betting, but once you do — you might be in for some serious cash. Parlays are basically ‘if and then’ scenarios that make your bets harder to pull off but infinitely more prosperous. AN example of a parlay would be that you expect the Clippers to beat the Lakers and Chris Paul to get a triple double. If anything in that list doesn’t happen then you lose the bet. Can you see how this leaves room for you to bring in some extra cash?

No matter what you end up betting on you need to have a working understanding of how the spread works. Head to Covers.com and look through the betting lines for today’s slate of NBA games. The spread, listed as ATS on Covers.com, is the difference that one team is expected to beat another by. So if Clippers vs LA has the Clippers at -15, then they need to win by 15 points in order to cover the spread.

George Soros Makes Strategy Post Trump Victory

George Soros, investment guru, billionaire, liberal political activist, author, pundit, and lightning rod for multiple conspiracy theories, was just as stunned as most of the United States when Donald Trump won the election in 2016. Soros has been documented to have spent or influenced the contribution of $25 million to the failed Clinton campaign.

Soros along with the Clinton team based the expected Democratic victory for the White House on a campaign that specifically targeted minority and women voters on nytimes.com. The lackluster turnout of Blacks who were expected to vote against Trump and a huge turn out from rural Caucasians has the Democrats and Soros asking where they went wrong.

George Soros agenda and the Democratic agenda for a Presidential victory included a large number of ads. Tweets, and debate mentions directed at what are considered to be the liberal point of view on climate change, economic equality, the influence of corporations in politics, and corporate tax increase did not produce the resonance that was expected.

Soros, the Democratic Party, the Clintons, and the liberal media are still scratching their heads in wonder at a Trump victory. Soros and the most influential money that favors the Democratic and liberal agenda as well as leading Congressional and party lights met for the first time on November 14, 2016, in Washington to determine exactly what went wrong and make plans for delaying actions to fight the Trump agenda that is proceeding much faster than expected.

A large part of the puzzle that the group examined was the stunning fact that Trump spent 41 percent of the money that the leading contributors to Clinton’s campaign on nybooks.com did and yet still won. Some of the Democrats feel that the financial wizards need to be eliminated or disposed of in light of the astounding loss by Clinton and the threat to the “liberal” agenda.

George Soros broke with his recent past lack of contributions to Democratic campaigns to come out swinging in a big way in 2105 and 2016. Clinton lost but Soros and his money were influential in removing ultraconservative sheriffs, governors, and state representatives.

The fact that Soros is a head line speaker in the meeting that involves the people who spent the most money for liberal and Democratic causes in 2016 is also a break with his past behavior. The Soros agenda has been described as a movement to fund and defeat all of the Trump campaign promises through all means necessary.

Soros openly likens a Trump Presidency to Communism and Nazism and the personal losses that Soros has endured due to such nationalistic and authoritarian regimes. On a more moderate note, Soros explains that the xenophobia that has been experienced in France and Britain due to Islamic fundamentalist attacks cannot be followed in a United States that has for the past eight years endeavored to engender and establish more freedom and the involvement of more people in the solutions than the country has ever seen.

The message from Soros seems abundantly clear. The agenda is to find what the Clinton campaign did wrong, prepare a Democratic strategy that will take back seats in the House and Senate, fund opponents to the Trump agenda, fund litigation against the Trump plan, and lay the foundations for a Democratic Presidency in 2020.

Soros past experience and his presence bode for changes in the Democratic Party and how campaigns and campaign dollars are managed in the United States.

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Nathaniel Ru and His Georgetown University Classmates Brand Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru is the co-Founder and the co-CEO at Sweetgreen. Ru graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in 2007. Ru met his fellow Co-CEOs, Nicholas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman during an entrepreneurship class at the University. After holding a discussion, the three decided to open a restaurant that would provide healthy and eco-friendly food options to Georgetown residents. Nathaniel Ru and his partners’ parents are entrepreneurs and first-generation immigrants.


The Sweetgreen Company

When the trio graduated from Georgetown University, they sought funds from 40 family members and friends. Three months after graduation, the three had gathered enough capital and started a single shop in Georgetown. Currently, the company is present in 40 different locations in the country. The primary goal behind opening Sweetgreen is creating a brand that stands for something. They also look forward to providing services that fit the values, budget, tastes, and imagination of their customers. The company sources their products from the local farmers and reputable partners thus creating a healthy relationship with the communities.


Management of the Sweetgreen

The three CEOs developed a system where they close down all their corporate offices five times in a year to work from their restaurants. They run the company from their different offices without centralizing their operations to one main office headquarters. In an interview with the Fortune.com, Ru advised future management partners to focus on building a team first to help in the administration of the company before running other activities. Nathaniel Ru and the other CEOs embrace the use of technology at Sweetgreen. The company carries out thirty percent of the total transactions using their website or mobile application.


Involvement in community activities

Nathaniel Ru and his partners are active in the community-based activities with their “party with a purpose event.” They launched Sweetlife in 2010, an event concerned with healthy living, community development, and sustainability. It was the largest music and food festival in the region with a record of over 20,000 people. Kendrick Lamar, The Strokes, Avicii, and Calvin Harris, are some of the high profile artists featured at the Sweetlife event. The attendants also enjoyed the delicious cuisines prepared by the top chefs present at the event.

The company also launched the “Sweetgreen in Schools” in 2010. They hold workshops that teach the school-going children about nutrition and healthy living. Currently, the program has registered participation of more than 20,000 children in Virginia, New York, District of Columbia, and Maryland.




Julie Zuckerberg Excels as a Recruiter

Recruiting is an area that Julie Zuckerberg knows very well. She has worked in various positions as a recruiter, and she has become quite experienced in helping companies build better teams with skilled professional. Much of this has to do with her ability to sort out talent from an assortment of different backgrounds.


What Julie Zuckerberg has specialized in is life cycle executive level recruiting. She has had the pleasure of connecting lots of qualified lawyers, paralegals, managing directors and compliance officers. She has been able to buildup on her strategy as she transitioned from one bank to another. This is what has given her the confidence to move up into positions like Vice President of Executive Recruiting at Citicard.


Her skills have been greatly developed at big corporations like this, and that has allowed her to become a sought after recruiting expert. Julie Zuckerberg has been successful in the recruiting arena primarily because she has been able to utilize a plethora of different methods to connect with all the various professionals that she recruits. Her use of social media has allowed her to build a solid line of recruits, but she has also done a lot of networking in person. What she has done that separates her from the rest is consult with hiring directors and actually develop a talent recruitment strategy.


The role of a recruiter can be very interesting if they know what they are looking for. Julie Zuckerberg has proven, on multiple occasions, that she is the go-to person when it comes to executive life cycle recruiting. Her time at Citibank has been her lengthiest position. This is where she has developed the core of her experience at a talent recruiter. She also spent a considerable amount of time at Hudson. This is where she started as the director of candidate placement.


Julie Zuckerberg has had a great career as a recruiter, and she has managed to take a lot of people to a better place in their career. In some of her career moves Julie has worked as a vice president. She has risen to the senior level in her career, and she continues to make power moves in the field of recruiting. Her current position as an executive talent acquisition lead for Deutsche Bank is giving her the chance to provide coaching to an entire team of recruiters. She also helps develop recruiting strategies.

How to Start a Business

Many people today are interested in starting a company and working for themselves. With the internet today, there are more business opportunities than ever before. However, starting a business is more work than many people realize. Over the next couple of years, Nathaniel Ru plans to continue to grow Sweet Green. This is a company that he has started with a lot of initial success. If you want to invest in your future, he is a great person to learn from.


Nathaniel Ru


While he was in college, Nathaniel Ru started to think about living his entire life working a typical job for someone else. Instead of going down that familiar path, he started Sweet Green. This is a healthy food location that many people love. Although this will not be a concept that goes nationwide, it is a great niche concept in many areas of the country.




In order to grow a business quickly, you need to have capital. There are a couple of ways to get capital for your business. Not only can you borrow money, but you can also raise money from outside investors. Whatever path you decide, it is important to keep the long term in mind during this process. If you borrow money, you are going to restrict your cash flow in the future. However, if you borrow money from investors, they are going to expect a return on their investment.


Growth Plans


As a business owner, you have to have a strategy for growth. With all of the competition in the market today, many people struggle to grow their business. Nathaniel Ru has had success with Sweet Green because he had a plan and has followed it despite all of the obstacles. Anyone who has ever worked with him knows how hard he works on his business. With the early success he has had with Sweet Green, he expects the growth to continue. If you want to start a business, following the example of Sweet Green is a great start. The company provides value to customers and always invests for long term growth.